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Benefit includes:

-Encase the television, giving it the custom built, in-wall, designer look without the high cost.

-Visually enhances the television, giving the appearance that it is bigger than actual size.

-Visually reduce the distances between the TV and the wall.

-Built-in Infrared Repeater allows the remote control to perform uninterrupted, no wiring or  installation necessary.

-Complement your existing furniture/home décor.

-Can function as a life-size, digital photo frame.

-Can function as a painting at the same time.  

-Will not impeded sounds performance of the television (acoustic mats not needed).

The frame, matt, and screen is visible, no distracting television panel here.  The Universal TV Frame allowed user to frame up to the screen of the television, giving it the appearance of a motion, animated painting.  

All of our Frames comes with a BUILT-IN INFRARED REPEATER, which requires no installation or power source.  It's completely hands free, worry free, water proof, patented design with a life-time guarantee.

The Universal TV Frame is factory made.  Factory made products are more consistent in quality and sturdy than custom built products.  Rest assured, the end result will be consistent with our advertise image.

There is no need for “acoustic matt” which cost an additional $100, that custom framers claimed you would need for sounds to be heard from your television.  Our Universal TV Frame will not impede your television sounds performance, thanks to our patented designs.  We simply built a better product.

Getting a television custom built into the wall cost thousands, the location is permanent, the wires are difficult to access, and poor ventilation can damage and shortened the television life-span.  The Universal TV Frame location is movable, the wires are easy to access, with good ventilation ensures a longer television life-span, and cost a fraction of the price.

Bonus Features:

-Use it as a Digital Photo Frame, great for family gatherings, weddings, hotels, restaurants. 

Simply copy your photo onto a CD, in a slide show format, and play it on your DVD player.

-Use it to Display your favorite work of art.

With artwork on a DVD (sold separately), still images are display on the screen; your TV can function as a painting when needed.  With 3D LED TV, your favorite art work will look better than the real life.  This is because when a painting is view in real life, lights reflect off the painting, to the viewer.  You are viewing light reflecting, bouncing off the painting and into your eyes.  With the DVD artwork, lights comes directly from the source into your eyes, the light source is illuminates from the inside, giving it a sharp, crystal clear, high definition 3D that’s better than real life.