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Imagine that framed artwork suddenly comes to life and you change the channel on it, just as you would with a regular TV.  What if, that beautiful framed artwork can function as your TV at the same time?  Experience one of the hottest trends in home décor right in your living room, now made affordable due to mass production.  The Universal TV Frame allowed user to encase their flat-panel TV inside a picture frame, looks just like a museum painting.  Giving your television the high-end custom built look, without the high-end cost. 

Our Patented smart design eliminates the IR remote control, and sounds problems associated with covering up a flatscreen TV with a picture frame.  This is what differentiates us from your local custom frame shop.  We’ve streamline what was once a costly, custom process with long turn-around time, into a quick, practical solution for the home décor industry.  Now there’s a new standard, at LCD Fashion we present a new way to enjoy flat panel television.

Use it to display your favorite artwork, or as a life-size digital photo frame.  More than just a TV, see what our frames can do for you.