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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will my remote control still work? Do I have to buy a separate IR Repeater?

Answer:  No, you do not have to buy an IR Repeater. All of our frames come with a waterproof built-in Infrared Repeater that doesn't require a power source or extra wiring. The secret is in the Universal Frame Mount's patent pending design

2.  Since it covers the speakers up, will the Universal Frame Mount affect the sound quality of my television?

Answer: No, the Universal Frame Mount will not affect your sound performance or quality in any way!

3.  How will I mount the frame onto my TV? Is it safe?  

Answer: A TV mounting strap (guy wires) kit that makes installation fast and easy is provided with all frames, and it is 100% safe for both you and your television.

4.  Is the frame mounted onto the TV or the wall? And will I be able to use my articulated mount?

Answer: The frame is mounted onto the TV via a backpack mechanism, not the wall, so you will be able to make any necessary movements or adjustments to your television. And yes, the Universal Frame Mount is compatible with all articulated wall mounts.

5.  Do you make custom frames to a specific size?

Answer:  No, because there is no need! All of our frames are 100% universal, and satisfaction comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. We use high quality wood construction, not plastic. These wood frames are sturdy museum grade.

6.  Why are your frames so cheap in comparison to other television frames?

Answer:  Our frames are mass-produced instead of custom-made, cutting down your cost by 80% without sacrificing quality. We purchase materials in bulk quantities, assuring a high standard quality control and consistency.

7.  What is your return policy?

Answer:  On unused merchandise, We offer a full 30-day return period on unused merchandise as long as it is undamaged. Used merchandise can be returned within 30 days as well, however there will be a 10% restocking fee. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

8.  Will the Universal TV Frame work on LED and plasma televisions?

             Answer:  Yes, the Universal TV Frame is universal and functional on all Light Emitting Diode(LED), Liquid Crystal Display(LCD), and plasma televisions.

9.  If my television is placed inside of the Universal Frame, how would air circulate and heat escape from the TV?

Answer: Air circulation and heat escape through the uncovered top and bottom sections of the frame, as well as through sections of the sides. This product is 100% safe for your television, and is a safer alternative to in-wall televisions.

10.  Does it come with DVD artwork?  

Answer:  Sorry, but DVD artworks are sold separately.